Our Goals

Our Goals

Seed Group market leader, recognized by reference to market brands in i nternational markets, committed to the community, offering brands and highest quality products and creating more value for our customers.

Our vision:

Increasing our leadership based on the development and preference of our clients, we create a model of marketing, and services from our competition. We are referring to our customers for the service we provide.

Strengthening our market presence within the business segment.

Diversify into opportunities to strengthen our business.
Achieving excellence in all we do. Run effectively, efficiently and with quality all our initiatives, leveraging our team.

Our management:



To achieve our objectives, we have established a set of policies that determine our way forward.



Being strategic partner for all departments in the human capital management, leading change processes of the organization that affect people, reconciling the objectives of the Group.


corporate responsibility policy

Seed Group is a business project with a vision of long-term sustainability, based on good economic performance year after year.

Industry Overview

Industry Overview

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been rated as the 13th most economically competitive country in the world, according to the International Finance Corporation (IFC)-World Bank annual "Doing Business" report issued for 2010.

The report highlighted the rapid rate of economic growth among Middle Eastern countries, specifically Saudi Arabia, as a result of economic sector reform. For the fifth consecutive year, Saudi Arabia was ranked as the best place to do business in the entire Middle East and the Arab World. Since 2004, the Kingdom has advanced its overall Doing Business rankings, from 67th to 13th.